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Introducing JxMaps 1.0!

posted May 4, 2016, 3:10 AM by Oleksandra Kovalenko   [ updated May 6, 2016, 4:02 AM ]
Working with Java-native integration, we receive lots questions about embedding Google Maps into Java desktop applications. After some experiments with our integration libraries, we realized, that this functionality is important enough to have a library of its own, and created JxMaps.

JxMaps is a Chromium-based cross-desktop library that provides a MapView Java Swing component, allowing to display Google Maps inside a Java application.

JxMaps provides Java wrappers for most popular Google Maps JavaScript API classes. You don’t need to learn or use JavaScript to add styled maps, satellite images and street view panoramas into your Java Swing desktop app. Among other things, JxMaps API allows you to get geographic coordinates out of addresses, mark position on the map, build routes between multiple destinations, show list of places based on the current location and much more.

We have prepared a Quick Start Guide to help you get Google Maps up and running within your Java app in almost no time.

For implementation of some most common features please see the code examples.

Feel free to download the library and kick the tires with 30 days free evaluation.