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Open Source Components and Licences

JxMaps is based on the open source Chromium project, that includes source code and libraries written by developers in the Chromium community. Chromium in itself includes a number of open source third-party libraries.

The table below provides reference to the list of Chromium components and their licences, used in different versions of JxMaps. We have also added analysis of the use permissions provided by each licence and links to the licences texts for your convenience.

JxMaps VersionsChromium Versions and Licence TermsLicence Files
Up to 1.0.4 inclusive Chromium 43 Licences
The licence files for the listed components can be found in the archive, attached to this page.
1.1 and higher Chromium 49 Licences
The licence files are available in a public GitHub repository, links are provided within the file.