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JxMaps Licences

Evaluation Licence
We closed the JxMaps product and it is not available for evaluation anymore.

Commercial Licenсe
You need a commercial licence for every person on your team, who is using JxMaps in development. For example, if you have 10 developers involved in your project and only 4 of them work with JxMaps, you need 4 licences only. Also, if you have a team of 3 and more people using JxMaps and you plan to do one project only, you may want to purchase a Project Licence.

Once you have the commercial licence, we do not limit the distribution of our library inside your application, and there are no additional runtime fees.

Per Developer Licence

The licence is issued to an individual or a company. The number of licences acquired should be equal to the number of developers involved in the project, which uses JxMaps.

Project Licence

The licence is issued to a company. The licence is linked with a fully qualified java class name (e.g. com.mycompany.myproduct.MyClass). It can be any class of your application. The only requirement is that this class must be included in your app class path. This option is cost effective for three or more developers working on a product.

Company-wide Licence

Gives you unlimited number of developer licences for your company for any number of projects. This option is cost effective with more than 10 developers planned for a project or for more than 3 projects.

Prices & Contacts

You can find information about licensing and prices on the product web page. If you have any licensing questions feel free to contact our Sales Team at